1. For rate information, please contact your Account Representative.
2. Refer to Channel Charts, for the program name, in order to identify compression technology.
3. All information is subject to change.

* Shaw Broadcast Services authorizes QT signals
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Program IPG Category Satellite Beam Trans-
Signal *SBS
ABC Detroit (WXYZ)ABCDVideoAnik F1RNatT15Ku BandYes
ABC Seattle (KOMO)ABCSVideoAnik F1RNatT14Ku BandYes
ABC Spokane (KXLY)ABCSPOVideoAnik F1RNatT15Ku BandYes
AMIAUD (NBRS - Voice Print)AMIAUDRadioAnik F1RNatT29Ku BandIn the clear
Canal SavoirCANSAVVideoAnik F2NatT28Ku BandYes
CBC Calgary (CBRT)CBCCALVideoAnik F1RNatT13Ku BandYes
CBC Charlottetown (CBCT) CBCPEIVideoAnik F2NatT17Ku BandYes
CBC Edmonton (CBXT)CBCEDMVideoAnik F1RNatT09Ku BandYes
CBC Halifax (CBHT)CBCHALVideoAnik F1RNatT31Ku BandYes
CBC Kingston (CKWS)CKWSVideoAnik F1RNatT13Ku BandYes
CBC Montreal (CBMT)CBCMOVideoAnik F1RNatT21Ku BandYes
CBC Ottawa (CBOT)CBCOTTVideoAnik F1RNatT13Ku BandYes
CBC Peterborough (CHEX) CHEXVideoAnik F1RNatT13Ku BandYes
CBC Radio TWO FM VancouverCBC2VRadioAnik F1RNatT14Ku BandYes
CBC ReginaCBCREGVideoAnik F2NatT32Ku BandYes
CBC Toronto (CBLT)CBCTORVideoAnik F1RNatT21Ku BandYes
CBC WestCBCWVideoAnik F1RNatT14Ku BandYes
CBC Winnipeg (CBWT)CBCWINVideoAnik F1RNatT31Ku BandYes
CBC Yellowknife (CFYK)CBCNSVideoAnik F1RNatT13Ku BandYes
CBH FM CBC Radio Two HalifaxCBC2HRadioAnik F1RNatT31Ku BandYes
CBHA FM CBC Radio One HalifaxCBC1HRadioAnik F1RNatT31Ku BandYes
CBL FM CBC Radio Two TorontoCBC2TRadioAnik F1RNatT16Ku BandYes
CBLA FM CBC Radio One TorontoCBC1TRadioAnik F1RNatT16Ku BandYes
CBS Detroit (WWJ)CBSDVideoAnik F1RNatT15Ku BandYes
CBS Seattle (KIRO)CBSSVideoAnik F1RNatT14Ku BandYes
CBS Spokane (KREM)CBSSPOVideoAnik F1RNatT15Ku BandYes
CBUF FM Radio (Vancouver)CBUFRadioAnik F1RNatT12Ku BandYes
CFGL FM Radio (Montreal)CFGLRadioAnik F2NatT28Ku BandYes
CFGQ FM Radio (Calgary)CFGQRadioAnik F1RNatT08Ku BandYes
CFJCCFJCVideoAnik F1RNatT14Ku BandYes
CFMI FM Radio (Vancouver)CFMIRadioAnik F1RNatT14Ku BandYes
CFMJ AM Radio (Toronto)CFMJRadioAnik F1RNatT06Ku BandYes
CFNR Native Radio (Prince RupertCFNRRadioAnik F1RNatT30Ku BandYes
CFNY FM Radio (Toronto)CFNYRadioAnik F1RNatT16Ku BandYes
CFOX FM Radio (Vancouver)CFOXRadioAnik F1RNatT14Ku BandYes
CFPR Radio One: (Prince Rupert)CBCPRRadioAnik F1RNatT14Ku BandYes
CFQR FM Radio (Montreal)CFQRRadioAnik F2NatT28Ku BandYes
CFWE Native Radio (Edmonton)CFWERadioAnik F1RNatT30Ku BandYes
CHCHCHCHVideoAnik F1RNatT02Ku BandYes
CHED AM Radio (Edmonton)CHEDRadioAnik F1RNatT30Ku BandYes
CHEK TVCHEKVideoAnik F1RNatT12Ku BandYes
CHFI FM Radio (Toronto)CHFIRadioAnik F1RNatT16Ku BandYes
CHIN AM TorontoCHINRadioAnik F1RNatT29Ku BandYes
CHMP 98.5 FM (Montreal)CHMPRadioAnik F2NatT26Ku BandYes
CHONCHONRadioAnik F1RNatT30Ku BandYes
CHQM FM Radio (Vancouver)CHQMRadioAnik F1RNatT14Ku BandYes
CHQR AM Radio (Calgary)CHQRRadioAnik F1RNatT08Ku BandYes
CHQT AM Radio (Edmonton)CHQTRadioAnik F1RNatT30Ku BandYes
CHUM AM Radio (Toronto)CHUMRadioAnik F1RNatT06Ku BandYes
CHUM FM Radio (Toronto)CHUMFRadioAnik F1RNatT16Ku BandYes
CILQ FM Radio (Toronto)CILQRadioAnik F1RNatT16Ku BandYes
CING FM Radio (Toronto)CINGRadioAnik F1RNatT16Ku BandYes
CIOO FM Radio (Halifax)CIOORadioAnik F1RNatT31Ku BandYes
CIRK FM Radio (Edmonton)CIRKRadioAnik F1RNatT30Ku BandYes
CISN FM Radio (Edmonton)CISNRadioAnik F1RNatT30Ku BandYes
CITE FM Radio (Montreal)CITERadioAnik F2NatT28Ku BandYes
CITY Montreal (CJNT)CITYMOVideoAnik F2NatT17Ku BandYes
City TV CalgaryCITYCAVideoAnik F1RNatT21Ku BandYes
City TV EdmontonCITYEDVideoAnik F1RNatT09Ku BandYes
City TV SaskatchewanCITYSKVideoAnik F1RNatT16Ku BandYes
City TV TorontoCITYTOVideoAnik F1RNatT03Ku BandYes
City TV VancouverCITYVAVideoAnik F1RNatT12Ku BandYes
City TV Winnipeg (CHMI)CITYWIVideoAnik F2NatT17Ku BandYes
CIUT FM Radio (Toronto)CIUTRadioAnik F1RNatT05Ku BandYes
CJCL AM Radio (Toronto)CJCLRadioAnik F1RNatT06Ku BandYes
CJJR FM Radio (Vancouver)CJJRRadioAnik F1RNatT14Ku BandYes
CJKR FM Radio (Winnipeg)CJKRRadioAnik F1RNatT02Ku BandYes
CJOB AM Radio (Winnipeg)CJOBRadioAnik F1RNatT02Ku BandYes
CJRT FM Radio (Toronto)CJRTRadioAnik F1RNatT16Ku BandYes
CKAC AM Radio (Montreal)CKACRadioAnik F2NatT28Ku BandYes
CKLBCKLBRadioAnik F1RNatT11Ku BandYes
CKLG FM Radio (Vancouver)CKLGRadioAnik F1RNatT14Ku BandYes
CKMF (Montreal)CKMFRadioAnik F2NatT29Ku BandYes
CKNG FM Radio (Edmonton)CKNGRadioAnik F1RNatT30Ku BandYes
CKNW AM Radio (Vancouver)CKNWRadioAnik F1RNatT14Ku BandYes
CKOI FM Radio (Montreal)CKOIRadioAnik F2NatT28Ku BandYes
CKPG-TVCKPGVideoAnik F1RNatT14Ku BandYes
CKPR Thunder BayCKPRVideoAnik F1RNatT21Ku BandYes
CKRW Native Radio (Whitehorse)CKRWRadioAnik F1RNatT30Ku BandYes
CKRY FM Radio (Calgary)CKRYRadioAnik F1RNatT08Ku BandYes
CKSACKSAVideoAnik F1RNatT30Ku BandYes
CKUA FM Radio (Edmonton)CKUARadioAnik F1RNatT09Ku BandIn the clear
CTV Atlantic (ATV Halifax CJCH)CTVATLVideoAnik F1RNatT31Ku BandYes
CTV BC (CIVT)CTVBCVideoAnik F1RNatT12Ku BandYes
CTV Calgary (CFCN)CTVCALVideoAnik F1RNatT09Ku BandYes
CTV Edmonton (CFRN)CTVEDVideoAnik F1RNatT09Ku BandYes
CTV Kitchener (CKCO) CTVKITVideoAnik F2NatT17Ku BandYes
CTV Lloydminster (CITL)CTVLYDVideoAnik F1RNatT30Ku BandYes
CTV Montreal (CFCF)CTVMOVideoAnik F1RNatT31Ku BandYes
CTV Ottawa (CJOH)CTVOTTVideoAnik F1RNatT13Ku BandYes
CTV Regina (CKCK)CTVREGVideoAnik F1RNatT09Ku BandYes
CTV Saskatoon(CFQC)CTVSKVideoAnik F2NatT17Ku BandYes
CTV Sudbury (CICI)MCTVVideoAnik F1RNatT13Ku BandYes
CTV Toronto (CFTO)CTVTORVideoAnik F1RNatT21Ku BandYes
CTV Two AlbertaCTV2ABVideoAnik F1RNatT17Ku BandIn the clear
CTV Two Atlantic (ASN Halifax)CTV2ATVideoAnik F1RNatT13Ku BandYes
CTV Two Dawson Creek (CJDC)CTV2DCVideoAnik F1RNatT14Ku BandYes
CTV Two London (CFPL)CTV2LNVideoAnik F1RNatT13Ku BandYes
CTV Two Ottawa (CHRO)CTV2OTVideoAnik F1RNatT25Ku BandYes
CTV Two Terrace Kittimat (CFTK)CTV2TKVideoAnik F1RNatT12Ku BandYes
CTV Two Toronto (CKVR)CTV2TOVideoAnik F1RNatT13Ku BandYes
CTV Two Vancouver Island (CIVI)CTV2VIVideoAnik F1RNatT13Ku BandYes
CTV WinnipegCTVWINVideoAnik F1RNatT09Ku BandYes
Fox Rochester (WUHF)FOXRVideoAnik F1RNatT15Ku BandYes
Fox Seattle (KCPQ)FOXSVideoAnik F1RNatT14Ku BandYes
Fox Spokane (KAYU)FOXSPOVideoAnik F1RNatT15Ku BandYes
Global BC (CHAN)GBLBCVideoAnik F1RNatT12Ku BandYes
Global Calgary (CICT)GBLCALVideoAnik F1RNatT09Ku BandYes
Global Edmonton (CITV)GBLEDVideoAnik F1RNatT30Ku BandYes
Global Maritimes (CIHF)GBLMARVideoAnik F1RNatT31Ku BandYes
Global Montreal (CKMI)GBLMONVideoAnik F1RNatT31Ku BandYes
Global Okanagan (CHBC) GBLOKNVideoAnik F2NatT17Ku BandYes
Global Regina (CFRE) GBLREGVideoAnik F2NatT17Ku BandYes
Global Saskatoon (CFSK)GBLSKVideoAnik F1RNatT13Ku BandYes
Global St. John (CIHF) GBLSTJVideoAnik F2NatT17Ku BandYes
Global Thunder Bay (CHFD)GBLTHUVideoAnik F1RNatT21Ku BandYes
Global Toronto (CIII)GBLTORVideoAnik F1RNatT06Ku BandYes
Global Winnipeg (CKND)GBLWINVideoAnik F1RNatT02Ku BandYes
KDRK FM SpokaneKDRKU.S. RadioAnik F1RNatT31Ku BandYes
KISC FM SpokaneKISCU.S. RadioAnik F1RNatT31Ku BandYes
KMBI FM SpokaneKMBIU.S. RadioAnik F1RNatT31Ku BandYes
KPBX FM SpokaneKPBXU.S. RadioAnik F1RNatT31Ku BandYes
KTLA Los AngelesKTLAVideoAnik F1RNatT04Ku BandYes
KXLY FM SpokaneKXLYU.S. RadioAnik F1RNatT31Ku BandYes
KZBD FM SpokaneKZBDU.S. RadioAnik F1RNatT31Ku BandYes
KZZU FM SpokaneKZZUU.S. RadioAnik F1RNatT31Ku BandYes
Miracle Channel (CJIL)MRCLEVideoAnik F1RNatT12Ku BandYes
NBC Detroit (WDIV)NBCDVideoAnik F1RNatT15Ku BandYes
NBC Seattle (KING)NBCSVideoAnik F1RNatT14Ku BandYes
NBC Spokane (KHQ)NBCSPOVideoAnik F1RNatT15Ku BandYes
NTV Newfoundland (CJON)NTVNFDVideoAnik F1RNatT31Ku BandYes
OMNI 1OMNI1VideoAnik F1RNatT13Ku BandYes
OMNI 2OMNI2VideoAnik F1RNatT13Ku BandYes
PBS Buffalo (WNED)PBSBVideoAnik F1RNatT13Ku BandYes
PBS Detroit (WTVS)PBSDVideoAnik F1RNatT15Ku BandYes
PBS Seattle (KCTS)PBSSVideoAnik F1RNatT14Ku BandYes
PBS Spokane (KSPS)PBSSPOVideoAnik F1RNatT13Ku BandYes
RFI (Audio)RFI 1RadioAnik F2NatT28Ku BandYes
RNC Media Rouyn-Noranda (CFEM) TVAABIVideoAnik F2NatT17Ku BandYes
SPM 1SPM1VideoAnik F1RNatT21Ku BandYes
SRC Edmonton (CBXFT)SRCEDVideoAnik F2NatT32Ku BandYes
SRC Moncton (CBAFT)SRCMVideoAnik F2NatT14Ku BandYes
SRC Montreal (CBFT)SRCVideoAnik F2NatT28Ku BandYes
SRC Ottawa (CBOFT)SRCOTTVideoAnik F2NatT32Ku BandYes
SRC Regina (CBKFT) SRCREGVideoAnik F2NatT17Ku BandYes
SRC Trois Riviere (CKTM) SRCTROVideoAnik F2NatT17Ku BandYes
SRC Vancouver (CBUFT)SRCVANVideoAnik F2NatT32Ku BandYes
SRC Winnipeg (CBWFT)SRCWINVideoAnik F2NatT32Ku BandYes
SRC1MSRC1MRadioAnik F2NatT29Ku BandYes
SRC2MSRC2MRadioAnik F2NatT29Ku BandYes
Team 1040 AM (Vancouver)CKSTRadioAnik F1RNatT12Ku BandYes
Telequebec (CIVM)TELEQVideoAnik F2NatT14Ku BandYes
TVA Carleton (CHAU)TVACARVideoAnik F1RNatT11Ku BandYes
TVA Chicoutimi (CJPM)TVACHIVideoAnik F2NatT28Ku BandYes
TVA Hull (CHOT)TVAHULVideoAnik F2NatT28Ku BandYes
TVA Montreal (CFTM)TVAMVideoAnik F2NatT29Ku BandYes
TVA Quebec (CFCM)TVAQUEVideoAnik F2NatT28Ku BandYes
TVA Rimouski (CFER)TVARIMVideoAnik F2NatT28Ku BandYes
TVA Riviere-du-loup (CIMT)TVARIVVideoAnik F2NatT14Ku BandYes
TVA Sherbrooke (CHLT)TVASHEVideoAnik F2NatT14Ku BandYes
TVA WestTVAWVideoAnik F2NatT29Ku BandYes
V Gatineau (CFGS)V GATVideoAnik F2NatT29Ku BandYes
V Montreal (CFJP)V MONVideoAnik F2NatT14Ku BandYes
V Quebec City (CFAP)V QBCVideoAnik F2NatT28Ku BandYes
V Saguenay (CFRS)V SAGVideoAnik F1RNatT16Ku BandYes
V Sherbrooke (CFKS)V SHRVideoAnik F2NatT14Ku BandYes
VOCM VOCMRadioAnik F1RNatT31Ku BandYes
Vues & VoixVUEVOIVideoAnik F2NatT29Ku BandYes
WGN ChicagoWGNVideoAnik F1RNatT04Ku BandYes
WPIX New YorkWPIXVideoAnik F1RNatT04Ku BandYes
WSBK BostonWSBKVideoAnik F1RNatT04Ku BandYes
Yes TVYESVideoAnik F1RNatT06Ku BandYes
1. For rate information, please contact your Account Representative.
2. Refer to Channel Charts, for the program name, in order to identify compression technology.
3. All information is subject to change.

* Shaw Broadcast Services authorizes QT signals