QT Plus Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The following are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) relating to launching or upgrading to QT Plus. For more specific details, please refer to the QT Plus Launch Reference Guide. For your convenience, the section pertaining to each question will be referenced in brackets after the question mark.

What head-end equipment will I need?
(2.6 Hardware – Head-End and Consumer)
Motorola OM 1000
Motorola DSR – 4520X
Transmodulator(s): QPSK for Standard Definition, 8PSK for High Definition (HD)
Where do we get our ARRIS equipment?
(2.6 Hardware – Head-End and Consumer)
Capella Telecommunications Inc.
Trispec Communications Inc.
Where do we get our transmodulator equipment?
(2.6 Hardware – Head-End and Consumer, AND 3.5 Key Hardware Notes)
Contact your preferred equipment supplier.
Who provides technical support?
The transmodulator supplier will support their equipment.
ARRIS's TRC (Technical Resource Center) will support their equipment and mapping.
As always, Shaw Broadcast Services will continue to provide technical assistance for cable operators.
What about installation training?
Installation is easy and straightforward. ARRIS will provide installation configuration details for the DSR – 4520X and OM 1000 in their launch guide.
Check with the equipment distributors for other options.
Should I get an 8PSK transmodulator or is a QPSK transmodulator sufficient? How many will I need?
(2.6 Hardware – Head-End and Consumer, AND 3.5 Key Hardware Notes)
8PSK transmodulators will be required to receive High Definition (HD) signals.
QPSK transmodulators will be required to receive Standard Definition (SD) signals.
The amount of transmodulators required will be determined by the signal line-up you choose. See "How do I choose a cable map?" below.
What documents will be required and where do I get them?
Shaw Broadcast Services:
  • Signal Delivery and Services Agreement
  • QT Plus Launch Reference Guide appendices:
    - B-1: System Profile Set-up Form
    - B-2 & B-3: Digital Signal Package Form
    - B-4: Web-Ahead PPV Set-up Form
  • Interactive Program Guide (IPG) Contract
  • Site Survey
  • Mapping Services Contract
  • Launch Document
What version of Rovi's IPG will be used for QT Plus?
The i-Guide.
What method of activation do I specify to Rovi to program the PPV channels on the IPG?
(3.3.1 PPV Details for Rovi)
There are two methods of activation:
  • 'IPPV' for Impulse PPV
  • 'ANI' for Call Ahead PPV and Web-Ahead PPV
Both methods can be programmed on the Rovi IPG, permitting flexibility to use any DCT or DCX compatible with QT Plus.
Shaw Broadcast Services recommends requesting Rovi to program both methods of activation. This will permit the DCT-2000 model with Telco Return modules to utilize the IPPV method of activation, where all other DCT and DCX models (without Telco Return modules) will utilize the ANI method of activation.
Which set-top boxes are compatible with QT Plus?
(2.6 Hardware – Head-End and Consumer)
The following Motorola ARRIS set-top-boxes are compatible with the QT Plus platform:
  • DCT – 700
  • DCT – 2000
  • DCT – 2500
  • DCT – 3080
  • DCT – 3412
  • DCT – 3416
  • DCT – 6200
  • DCT – 6208
  • DCT – 6412
  • DCT – 6416
  • DCX – 3200*
  • DCX – 3400*
  • DCX – 3501*
  • DCX – 3510*

*Note: The following DCX versions of Motorola ARRIS set-top boxes are incompatible with the QT Plus Platform:

DCX – 3200/A281/033 576780-002-00
DCX – 3400 543871-001-00
DCX – 3501 580094-001-00
DCX – 3510 582555-001-00

Note: Prior to purchase, consult ARRIS regarding phase compatibility for all set-top-boxes listed.

These set-top boxes range in price and features from an entry-level price point unit to advanced units offering features such as, HD and Digital Video Recorder (DVR).

Contact Capella or Trispec for pricing, availability and lead-time.
Remember to order your equipment with sufficient time for delivery before launch.

Will QT customers' existing DSR's be compatible with QT Plus?
Yes. Existing DSR-470/1 units can co-exist with DCT and DCX units when you integrate QT Plus.
How do I choose a cable map?
(3.2 Choosing a Satellite Map – Standard vs. Custom)
For your convenience you may choose from one of seven standard satellite maps OR design your own custom satellite map. Select the option that best suits your business needs.
We already have a QT map. Will we need to choose a different one for QT Plus?
(3.4 Key Mapping Notes)
You may continue using your existing map, however, you will need to contact ARRIS to "convert" your existing QT map to a QT Plus map.
Will we need to notify the programmers of our intention to upgrade to QT Plus?
There is no need to notify programmers of your intention to upgrade to QT Plus.
If new signals are being added to your channel line-up, as a reminder, cable operators are required to have affiliation agreements in place with the individual programmers, whose signals they want in their channel line-up. Shaw Broadcast Services requires proof of transport consent for each programmer signal before the signal is authorized.
Once the system is installed, how do we set up and activate our customers?
(4.0 Web Access Tool Upgrade)
Using the Web Access Tool provided with QT Plus, you can manage customer activations/terminations as well as upgrades/downgrades of signals for which you have consent.
Web-Ahead Pay-Per-View (WAPPV)
This enhancement to QT Plus enables cable subscribers the means to order PPV movies and events over the internet.
Is there additional cost to access WAPPV service?
There is no additional cost for WAPPV.
Will I receive a report for WAPPV purchases?
All PPV purchases, regardless of method, will be provided on the same report.
What if our subscribers do not have internet access?
Cable operator's customer service representatives (CSR) will be able to assist those subscribers without internet access, through their existing "Web Access Tool" login.
How do I enable WAPPV access for a CSR?
(4.3 Enable CSR Access to Web-Ahead PPV)
The CSR Administrator will need to ensure the CSR's access to WAPPV is enabled. Please refer to section 5.5 in the "CSR Admin Account Setup" section of the "QT Plus User Manual" for details about this.