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QAM technology, known as QT, allows increased channel capacity at the head-end in a method similar to traditional HITS, but using technology that is much less expensive and less complex.

Due to market demand for set-top boxes with advanced features such as High Definition and Digital Video Recording, "QT Plus", the next generation of QT, is now available. Our long-time partnership with ARRIS/Motorola allows us to maximize on new and secure technologies to offer this solution.

The benefits of utilizing a QT Plus platform are:

  1. Access to lower cost DCT products.
  2. Ability to stay competitive by providing subscribers high demand services such as:

    1. High Definition (HD)
    2. Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

  3. Continued utilization of existing DSR-470s, since they can co-exist with DCT products in the home.
  4. Web-Ahead Pay-Per-View (WAPPV) enables cable subscribers using DCT products to order PPV movies and events over the internet.

Contact the Account Representative for your region to obtain more information about the benefits of QT Plus and for specific details of the launch process.
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